AGP World

Our Vision

Celebrating over 20 years of Producing, Promoting & Curating Intellectual properties since its inception in 1995, AGP World has grown its live business in theatre, experiential events, art & talent management. Telling a story using the performing arts has been the mantra and a few examples are like bringing to life genre-breaking, prolific work like Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, a grand musical adapted from one of the best selling novels. Moreover, we have also produced one of the highest-selling comedy shows in India called ‘History of India’ which became the foundation of Stand-up Comedy in India.

As the saying goes – “You attract what you are”, we have had the pleasure & opportunity to not only rub shoulders with the absolute best but also forge strong relationships in entertainment hubs across USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, Dubai & Africa. Helping us create powerful bonds across B2B & B2C markets with a lot of corporates, organizations & patrons of performing arts.

Our consciousness was awakened in the new normal, where the most important part of our business evolved into film, streaming, digital, audio/video content, virtual conferences to eSports. The strength lies in our IPs and the pillars of identity, relationships, competitiveness & most important purpose.

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