Nicolai Friedrich – Buzz in Dubai!

Nicolai Friedrich showcases in Dubai on November 25

The mentalism maestro, Nicolai Friedrich’s debut Dubai tour has been drumming up a media storm in the city. As expectations, hype, and the myth of Nicolai grows, media has been extensively covering the much-awaited debut. Nicolai performs in Dubai on the 25th of November at 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm. Book your tickets now to witness an enthralling showcase of mentalism, magic, entertainment, and fun at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

The National: Coming to Dubai: Can mentalist Nicolai Friedrich read your mind?

Nicolai Friedrich may wax eloquent about the scientific reasoning that all his tricks are based on, but anyone who’s ever seen the German mentalist in action is likely to seriously question the power of logical reasoning. He’s even managed to impress David Copperfield, who bought the exclusive TV rights to one of Friedrich’s shows.

The illusionist, who is coming to the UAE for the first time, is known for his mind-bending illusions and displays an almost unbelievable ability to control and influence thoughts. From accurately predicting sports outcomes and guessing the name a pregnant lady in the audience had thought up for her child, to lighting matches out of thin air and reading the minds of and hypnotizing his most cynical guests, Friedrich is known for his highly interactive shows, witty banter and use of technology.

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Gulf News: Mentalist Nicolai Friedrich in Dubai

Prepare to be charmed as renowned mentalist Nicolai Friedrich performs two shows in Dubai on November 25 at the Meyana Auditorium in Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Friedrich is expected to take illusions to a new level, and blur the lines between science and mystery. The audience can also expect some ‘mind reading’. And be warned, spectators are often called onstage to be a part of his act and even perform tricks under his guidance.

Winner of the 2009 Best Performer in the Mental Illusion category at the FISM World Championship of Illusion in Beijing and winner of the iegfried & Roy Sarmoti Award in Las Vegas, Friedrich can charm any audience.

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